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(from “Contracting and Outsourcing: Best Practices”, offered by Management Solutions Group)


       Common Evaluation Criteria for                            Supplier Selection


Solution fit.  The extent to which the supplier’s proposal satisfactorily addresses the statement of work provided in the RFP.

Technical capability.  The extent to which the supplier has—or can reasonably be expected to acquire—the technical knowledge and/or skills required to successfully accomplish the work.

Management independence.  The extent to which the supplier is perceived as having the ability to drive to a successful project outcome with limited monitoring, support, or intervention.

Technical approach.  The extent to which the supplier’s proposed choice of technologies, technical approach, methodologies, tools, and techniques are expected to result in a successful technical outcome.

Financial capacity.  The supplier’s ability to secure the financial resources needed to keep the project moving ahead without delay.

Financial stability.  The likelihood that the supplier will remain solvent (continue to conduct business) throughout the entire life of the agreement.

Expansion capability.  Assesses the supplier’s ability to accommodate potential growth in demands, changes in volume, or additional services.

Adaptability.  Assesses the flexibility and willingness of the supplier to accommodate changes with minimum penalties or premiums.

Post-project support.  The extent to which (and the quality with which) the supplier is able to provide service, maintenance, or other forms of support after the initial contract has been closed out.

Prior industry experience.  The extent to which the supplier can verify that they have done previous, similar work and were able to achieve successful outcomes.

Familiarity/Compatibility.  The specific knowledge that a supplier has with respect to the host’s procedural customs and standards, and the supplier’s willingness to work within the resulting limitations and/or performance guidelines.    

References.  The extent to which the supplier can identify parties willing to vouch for their capabilities and/or results.